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MD, MBA - Business Development

Frederic holds an MD with MBA, and is specialized in Healthcare Management and Marketing. He had direct management experience in the Spanish healthcare insurance industry, and in healthcare management, and has always been interested in medical tourism, innovation in medical devices and new ICT-based healthcare services.

He was cofounder of the succesful ehealth start-up Doctoralia (now part of the Docplanner Group), the largest global platform for healthcare search and accessibility. Now helps to grow and start other digital projects in Braincats like medical e-commerce Clinicpoint ( ), AI customer service Universal Customer ( ), telemedicine & home care platform for chronic patients control as a service Doctivi ( ) or natural language-based healthcare phone appointment tool Doctofono ( Among others. He is also advising startups that maybe have lost the market train, or helping big traditional companies to understand and get involved in the digital health innovation arena.


  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Digital health
  • Clinical Care
  • Entrepreneurship


  • Leadership
  • Team builder
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Innovation
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